RootClass                        BOOPSI's base class
+--Notify                        implements notification mechanism
   +--Family                     handles multiple children
      +--Menu                    describes a single menu
      +--Menuitem                describes a single menu item
      \--Menustrip               describes a complete menu strip
   +--Application                main class for all applications
   +--Window                     main class for all windows
      +--BWin                    beautiful borderless window
      \--CompactWindow           mini tiny windows
   \--Area                       base class for all GUI elements
      +--Balance                 balancing separator bar
      +--BetterBalance           position-savable balancing separator bar
      +--Bitmap                  area filled with an image
      +--Busy                    busy bar
      +--Calendar                easy way to handle with date
      +--Colorfield              colored rectangle
      +--DTPic                   datatype images
      +--FrameDisplay            display a frame specification
         \--Popframe             popup button to define a frame specification
      +--Gfxpic                  images displayed via guigfx.library
      +--GIFAnim                 gif pictures and animations
      +--Icon                    icon display
      +--Image                   image display
      +--Imagedisplay            display an image specification
         \--Popimage             popup button to adjust an image specification
      +--Lamp                    lamp images
      +--MonthNavigator          field of days
      +--MysticView              images displayed via mysticview.library
      +--Picture                 datatype picture images
      +--Pendisplay              display a pen specification
         \--Poppen               popup button to define a pen specification
      +--Rectangle               spacing object
      +--SpeedButton             very cute image buttons
      +--Tablet                  very simple tablet class
      +--Text                    text display
         +--InfoText             information text display
         \--FText                rasing frame text
      +--TextEditor              text editor
      +--Toolbar                 pics bar
      +--Urltext                 url link text
      +--Gadget                  base class for intuition gadgets
         +--Prop                 proportional gadget
         \--String               string gadget
            +--HString           string gadget with history
            \--TextinputScroll   multiline scrollable string gadget
      +--Gauge                   fuel gauge
      +--Scale                   percentage scale
      +--List                    line-oriented list
         +--IFlist               interfaces list class
         +--Dirlist              special list with files
         +--Floattext            special list with floating text
         +--Listtree             trees list
         +--Portlist             ports list class
         \--Volumelist           special list with volumes
      +--NList                   new line-oriented list
         +--NFloattext           new special list with floating text
         \--NListtree            new trees list
      +--Numeric                 base class for numeric gadgets
         +--Knob                 turning knob
         +--Levelmeter           level display
         +--Numericbutton        space saving popup slider
         +--Slider               traditional slider
         \--Wheel                keyboard like wheel
      \--Group                   groups other GUI elements
         +--CM                   ContactManager group class
         +--Coloradjust          several gadgets to adjust a color
         +--Cycle                cycle gadget
         +--Frameadjust          adjust a frame specification
         +--HGroup               horiz groups
         +--Imageadjust          adjust an image specification
         +--Listview             listview
         +--NListview            new listview
         +--Penadjust            adjust a pen specification
         \--Popstring            base class for popup objects
            +--Popasl            popup an asl requester
            \--Popobject         popup anything in a separate window
         +--Radio                radio button
         +--Register             handles page groups with titles
         +--Scrollbar            traditional scrollbar
         +--Scrollgroup          virtual groups with scrollbars
         +--SpeedBar             image buttons group
         +--TearOffBay           bay to contain TearOffPanel
         +--TearOffPanel         the magic groups
         +--TheBar               next generation buttons bar
         \--Virtgroup            handles virtual groups
            +--Crawling          handles auto-scrolling virtual groups
            +--HexEdit           hex editor gadget
            +--HTMLview          HTLM 4 virtual group class
            +--Pkb               piano keyboards
            +--SpeedBarVirt      image buttons Virtgroup
            \--TheBarVirt        next generation buttons virtual bar