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GIFAnim class

The GIFAnim class is used to display gif pictures and animations.

GIFAnim class is a subclass of GIFAnim.mcc, so you must have GIFAnim.mcc in MUI:Libs/MUI to use it.


Name Type Class Note
Anim B IGN If 0 the animation is not started. Default 1.
Current N ISGN The current frame of the animation.
Decoded B GN 1 when the animation is being decoded.
File S I IND The name of the file to load. It may be max 256 chars long.
Fallback B I If set to 1 and the specified file doesn't exist or it is not a gif file, the object still setups and Invalid is set to 1. If set to 0 and the specified file can't be parsed for any reason, the object refuses to setup. Default 1.
Invalid B GN 1 when the file can't be parsed for any reasone and Fallback was 1.
Pics N G The number of the frames of the animation. It is correct only after all the frames has been decoded.
Precision I M The precision to use when obtaining pens. A number or one of:
  • GUI
  • icon
  • Image
  • Exact
Scale N I Scale factor in the range 1...16383. Of course, only a small subset of the above is really usable.
Sync B I Set it to 1 if you want, for some strange reason, the decoding process to be sync. Note that the object will not setup till the whole file has been decoded. Default 0.
Transparent B ISGN The picture is drawn with the transparent mask, if available. Default 1.


Name Parameters Note
First   Move to the first frame.
Last   Move to the last frame.
Next   Move to the next frame.
Play [options] Controls the animation. options is a number or
  • Off - Pause the animation
or one or more of:
  • On - Start the animation
  • Once - Start a single animation-loop
  • Rewind - Start the animation from the first frame
Pred   Move to the previous frame.