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Numeric class

You can't create Numeric class objects, but it's attribute and methods can be used with any of its subclasses.


Name Type Class Note
CheckAllSize B ISGN  
Default N ISGN  
Max N ISGN  
Min N ISGN  
Reverse B ISGN  
RevLeftRight B ISGN  
RevUpDown B ISGN  
Value N ISGN  

WARNING: If Max-Min is -1, both at init time or after a set, the class will refuse to accept it (MUI would crash).


Name Parameters Note
Decrease <delta/>  
Increase <delta/N>  
ScaleToValue <scalemin/N>,<scalemax/N>,<scale/N> Direct only method.
SetDefault <value/N>  
ValueToScale <min/N>,<max/N> Direct only method.