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Listview class

The Listview class is used to create Listview.

A Listview object is not a list: it is the graphic object that renders a list object.

Once you created a Listview object, you can set/get any attribute and use any method of its list object directly to the Listview. Actually there can be added to a Listview: Floattext, List and Dirlist objects.

See List


Name Type Class Note
AutoDefault B I Set the DefaultObject of the window the object belongs to this Listview. Usefull when the Listview is in Popobject/Popstring
ClickColumn N GN  
DefClickColumn N ISGN  
DoubleClick B IGN  
DragType S IS One of:
  • None
  • Immediate
Input B IS  
List S I The name of a list object
MultiSelect S I One of:
  • None
  • Default
Names S I A string of entries separated by a ,
ScrollerPos S I  
SelectChange S GN One of :
  • None
  • Default
  • Left
UseWinBorder S I One of:
  • None
  • Left
  • Right
  • Bottom


Name Parameters Note
None defined