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Htmlview class

The Htmlview class creates virtualgroups that show html sources.

The Htmlview class is a subclass of Htmlview.mcc, so you must have Htmlview.mcc in MUI:Libs/MUI to use it. Htmlview.mcc is copyright of Allan Odgaard.

From the doc of HTMLview.mcc:

The above applies as well to ARexx programming, so if you release a Shareware or commercial application based on RxMUI and HTMLview.mcc you have to ask to Allan Odgaard for a license.


HTMLview also needs codesets.library 3+.

Name Type Class Note
Agent S ISGN Client USer Agent string (max 127 chars long)
Busy N GN If 0, there is no tasks downloading, 0 otherwise.
ClickedUrl S GN  
Contents S IS Inline html
CurrentHost S ISGN Set it iff you used Contents with some image with relative path, so that it will considered relative to this host.
CurrentUrl S GN  
DiscreteInput B IS  
ImagesInDecodeQueue N GN  
NoContextMenu B I Do not add the context menu by default.
NTAutoLoad B I You must handle the loading of the local files.
PageID N GN  
Parsed N GN  
PropHDeltaFactor N N A suitable value for DeltaFactor of a horiz Scrollbar object.
PropVDeltaFactor N GN A suitable value for DeltaFactor of a vert Scrollbar object.
Proxy S ISGN A proxy to use.
ProxyPort N ISGN The port for the proxy.
Qualifier N GN  
Target S GN  
Title S GN  
Url S GN  
UseProxy B ISGN If 1 use proxy.
VLink S I This is a <64 chars long ARexx stem name used as visited links array. Anytime a link is to be drawn, HTMLview checks if that link is in VLink.0, ... as it exists. Note that is your job to insert the visited links in the array.


Name Parameters Note
FlushImage <name> The name of an image or one of:
  • All
  • Displayed
  • NonDisplayed
GoToUrl url,[target] Note that GoUrl is still supported, but obsolete
Search <string>,[flags] flags is a combination of:
  • Case
  • Pattern
  • Back
  • Top
  • Next