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Pkb class

The Pkb class is used to create piano keyboard images in a virtual group.

Pkb class is a subclass of Pkb.mcc, so you must have Pkb.mcc in MUI:Libvs/MUI to use it. Pkb.mcc is copyright of Calogero CALI'.


Name Type Class Note
PkbMode S ISGN G2N One of:
  • Normal
  • Special
  • Range
PkbAutoRelease B ISGN  
PkbCurrent N ISGN  
PkbQuiet B S  
PkbOctvName B I  
PkbOctvBase N I  
PkbOctvRange N I  
PkbOctvStart N IGN  
PkbKeyRelease N SN  
PkbKeyPress N S  
PkbRangeHead S SGN G2N One of:
  • Off
  • Bop
  • Top
PkbRangeStart N SGN  
PkbRangeEnd N SGN  
PkbLow N G  
PkbHigh N G  
PkbInputEnable B ISGN  
PkbExcludeLow B ISGN  
PkbExcludeHigh B ISGN  
PkbType S IGN G2N One of:
  • Normal
  • Small


Name Parameters Note
PkbJump <ncode/N>  
PkbRange <start/N>,<end/N>