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Calendar class

The Calendar class offers an easy way to handle with dates.

If you use a Calendar object, you must handle a date as a Gregorian number.

Note that a Calendar always contains a valid date in the range 1/1/1752 - 31/12/2400.

Calendar class is a subclass of Calendar.mcc, so you must have Calendar.mcc in MUI:Libs/MUI to use it.


Name Type Class Note
CalClick N GN Notified when the user clicks on a day.
CalDay N ISGN The day of the current date.
CalDoubleClick N GN Notified when the user double-clicks on a day.
CalFixedHoriz B I If 1, the Calendar has a fixed width.
CalGreg N ISGN The date as a Gregorian number.
CalInput B I If 1, the Calendar does not permit to select a day.
CalMinVer N I Min version of Calendar.mcc accepted.
CalMonth N I The month of the current date.
CalOnlyDay B I If 1, monthes and years gadgets are not shown.
CalSetDaysAsDefault B I If 1, the days gadget is the default object at window opening.
CalSingleClick N GN Notified when the user clicks on a day.
CalShort B I If 1, the object tries to be as shortest as possible.
CalShowToday B I If 1, today gadget and today date are shown.
CalTodayClick M I What happens when the today gadget is pressed: one of
  • None - nothing
  • Single - CalSingleClick is notified
  • Double - CalDoubleClick is notified
CalYear N I The year of the current date.


Name Parameters Note
CalAddDay <delta/N> Add delta days to the current date.
CalAdMonth <delta/N> Add delta months to the current date.
CalAddYear <delta/N> Add delta years to the current date.
CalFormatDate <var/S>,[format] Writes in var the current date in system short date format, or long date format if format is LONG . The method can't be notified.
CalToday - Set current date to today.