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MysticView class

MysticView class is a subclass of Area class and it is used to display picture files via mysticview.library.

MysticView is a subclass of MysticView.mcc so you must have MysticView.mcc in MUI:Libs/MUI to use it. MysticView.mcc is copyright of Steve Quartly.

If you send a ctrl_c to a macro running a MysticView object that is loading its pictures, the application freezes. That is a MysticView.mcc bug.


Name Type Class Note
BackColour S I A 4 bytes max long packet chars string ('00rrggbb'x)
Center N IS  
DisplayMode S IS One of:
  • Fit
  • KeepAspectMin
  • KeepAspectMax
  • OnePixel
  • IgnoreAspect
FileName S I  
ImageHeight N GN  
ImageWidth N GN  
MarkColour S I A 4 bytes max long packet chars string ('00rrggbb'x)
MouseDrag B IS  
MoveDownAbsolute N IS  
MoveDownRelative N IS  
MoveLeftAbsolute N IS  
MoveLeftRelative N IS  
MoveRightAbsolute N IS  
MoveRightRelative N IS  
MoveUpAbsolute N IS  
MoveUpRelative N IS  
RefreshMode S IS One of:
  • None
  • Grid
  • Opaque
ResetAll N IS  
ResetRotate N IS  
ResetZoom N IS  
RotateLeftAbsolute N IS  
RotateLeftRelative N IS  
RotateRightAbsolute N IS  
RotateRightRelative N IS  
ShowArrows B IS  
ShowCursor B IS  
ShowPIP B IS  
StaticPalette B IS  
Text S IS  
TextColour S I A 4 byets max long packet chars string ('00rrggbb'x)
ZoomInAbsolute N IS  
ZoomInRelative N IS  
ZoomOutAbsolute N IS  
ZoomOutRelative N IS  


Name Parameters Note
None defined