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Dirlist class

The Dirlist class is used to create a list of the entries of a directory.

Dirlist can only be used with Listviews.

See List Listview


Name Type Class Note
AcceptPattern S IS An AmigaDOS pattern
AutoReRead B ISGN If you change the value of some attributes, e.g. AcceptPatten, RejectPatten or DrawersOnly, you would need to invoke a ReRead on the object to make the changes active. This attribute forces the object to re-read its directory at any change. Default 1.
Directory S ISGN  
DrawersOnly B ISGN  
FilesOnly B ISGN  
FilterDrawers B ISGN  
ExAllType N IG MUI 3.9 (20) only
NumBytes N G  
NumDrawers N G  
NumFiles N G  
Path S G  
RejectIcons B ISGN  
RejectPattern S IS An AmigaDOS pattern
ShowTitle B I Set to 1 to sow the list title
SortDirs M G2N ISGN A number or one of:
  • First
  • Last
  • Mix
SortHighLow B ISGN  
SortType M G2N ISGN A number or one of:
  • Date
  • Name
  • Size
Status N GN The status of the object, one of:
  • 0 - Invalid
  • 1 - Reading
  • 2 - OK


Name Parameters Note
GetEntry <pos>,<stem/V> Get an entry. pos is a number or Active
The field of stem set are:
  • Name
  • EntryType: <0 file, >0 dir
ReRead   Re-read the directory