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Group class

The Group class is used to create a set of objects.

A group object can only be added to a window or to another group object.

HGroup is identical to Group class, but its istances are always horiz groups.

See MakeObj()


Name Type Class Note
ActivePage M ISGN G2N Valid only if PageMode is 1; a number or one of:
  • Advance
  • First
  • Last
  • Next
  • Prev
Columns N IS  
Forward B S  
Horiz B I  
HorizSpacing N ISG  
PageMode B I  
Rows N IS  
SameHeight N IS  
SameSize B I  
SameWidth B I  
Spacing N IS  
VertSpacing N ISG  


Name Parameters Note
InitChange - If you want to addr/remove children to a group, you must first enter the group in the changes state, invoking this method. After you have done with your changes, invoke the ExitChange. From rxmui.library 40+ changes state nests.
Sort {obj} You may list up to 13 children of the group to be sorted in the specified order. If you need to sort more than 13 objects, use SortStem .
SortStem <stem> Specify in stem.0,... the children to sort.


How to dynamically add/remove objects:

  1. Enter the Change phase:
    call DoMethod("group","InitChange")
  2. Remove the obsolete object (if needed):
    call Remove("obsolete_obj")
  3. Add the new object (if needed):
    call Add("group","new_obj")
  4. Exit the Change phase:
    call DoMethod("group","ExitChange")