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Area class

Area class objects are not usefull at all, but Area class attribute and methods may be used with any of its subclasses.


Name Type Class Note
Background S IS One of:
  • None
  • WindowBack
  • RequesterBack
  • ButtonBack
  • ListBack
  • TextBack
  • PropBack
  • PopupBack
  • RegisterBack
  • GroupBack
  • SliderBack
  • PageBack
  • ReadListBack
  • Background
  • Shadow
  • Shine
  • Fill
  • ShadowBack
  • ShadowFill
  • ShadowShine
  • FillBack
  • FillShine
  • ShineBack
  • FillBack2
  • HShineBack
  • HShadowBack
  • HShineShine
  • HShadowShadow
  • MarkShine
  • MarkHalfShine
  • MarkBackground
BottomEdge N G  
ContextMenu S IS This is a Menustrip object that is used as context menu. The same Menustrip may be used as context menu for many objects; the only limitation is that they must be in the same window. RxMUI does not check for that! Please be careful.
ControlChar C ISG A char to use as key for the Object. Note that not all the classes react to control chars.
CycleChain N ISG  
Disabled B ISGN  
DoubleBuffer B ISGN MUI 3.9 (20) only
Draggable B ISG  
Dropable B ISG  
EBackground M I It accepts the same value as Background plus the same format of Image class Spec attribute (e.g. "5:images/back.gif"). Remember that to set the background of a window you have to simply set the background of its root (Contents) object.
FillArea B IS Useless in RxMUI.
FixHeight N I  
FixHeightTxt S I  
FixWidth N I  
FixWidthTxt S I  
Font S IS One of:
  • Inherit
  • Normal
  • List
  • Tiny
  • Fixed
  • Title
  • Big
  • Button
Frame S I One of:
  • None
  • Button
  • ImageButton
  • Text
  • String
  • ReadList
  • InputList
  • Prop
  • Gauge
  • Group
  • Popup
  • Virtual
  • Slider
FrameDynamic B ISGN MUI 3.9 (20) only
FramePhantomHoriz B I  
FrameVisible B ISGN MUI 3.9 (20) only
FrameTitle S I  
Height N GN  
HorizDisappear N ISG  
HorizWeight N ISG  
InnerBottom N IG  
InnerLeft N IG  
InnerRight N IG  
InnerTop N IG  
InputMode S I One of:
  • None
  • RelVerify
  • Immediate
  • Toggle
LeftEdge N GN  
MaxHeight N I  
MaxWidth N I  
Pressed B GN  
RightEdge N G  
Selected B ISGN  
ShortHelp S ISG  
ShowMe B ISGN You should use Add()/Remove() functions rather than this attribute.
ShowSelState B I  
Timer N GN  
TopEdge N GN  
VertDisappear N ISGN  
VertWeight N ISG  
Weight N IS  
Width N GN  


Name Parameters Note
None defined