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TearOffPanel class

Warning: current public releases of TearOffbay.mcc and TearOffPanel.mcc are very bugged. They crash very easily. TearOffbay.rxmec and TearOffPanel.rxmec are in the official RxMUI distribution only with the hope a fixed versions of the MCCs comes out.

The TearOffPanel class creates the very famous magic groups.

TearOffPanel is a subclass of TearOffPanel.mcc, so you must have TearOffPanel.mcc in MUI:Libs/mui/ to use it. TearOffPanel.mcc is copyright of Szymon Ulatowski.


Name Type Class Note
TPContents S I IND Usually a group
TPHoriz B I  
TPLabel S ISG  
TPState M ISGN G2N A number or one of:
  • Cycle
  • Fixed
  • Hidden
  • Torn


Name Parameters Note
None defined