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WARNING: all this software was created, compiled and tested on Amiga. No alien machines or OSes were involved in that. CED, Turbotext, GoldED, MorphED and Cubic IDE were used as text editors; SAS/C for 68K and GCC for PPC were used as compilers. Why am I writing that? Because of when you start not to use Amiga for writing and compiling, when you use alien stuff, like SDL or X, on it, there is no real reason to be on Amiga. You are not using Amiga.

WARNING 2: This pages are "It compiles!" free.


Name Version Description Status Download

RexxPatchError 1.4 Localize ARexx errors Freeware rexxpatcherror.lha
regex.library 5.3 POSIX regular expression Freeware regex.lha
RexxMustHave 23.3 23/12/2007 Rexx Must Have functions Freeware rmh.lha
RxAsl 17.4 asl.library function Freeware rxasl.lha
RxCD 14.3 Audio CD ARexx library Freeware rxcd.lha
RxCManager 15.1 30/10/2004 CManager query ARexx library Freeware rxcmanager.lha
RxChild 2.0 ARexx macros trees functions Freeware rxchild.lha
RxMiamiBPF 2.6 Packet filter ARexx libraries Freeware rxmiamibpf.lha
RxMUI 42.7 23/1/2008 ARexx MUI Library Freeware rxmui.lha
RxSerial 1.3 Serial port ARexx library Freeware rxserial.lha
RxSocket 33.8 26/11/2004 bsdsocket.library for ARexx Freeware rxsocket.lha
RxToolkit 2.6 Used by all my ARexx libraries. Freeware rxtoolkit.lha
RxWB 4.2 ARexx workbench library Freeware rxwb.lha
RxWiz 7.1 Great GUIs in ARexx Freeware rxwiz.lha
rxmms 1.0 How to write a native MOS ARexx library, using MOSMedia PD rxmms.lha

BWin.mcc 22.0 20/2/2005 MUI public class for borderless windows Freeware MCC_Bwin.lha
Calendar.mcc 18.3 27/7/2005 Calendar MUI class (68k and MorphOS) Freeware MCC_Calendar.lha
GIFAnim.mcc 19.5 3/6/2005 GIF pictures and animations MUI class (MOS and 68k versions) GPL MCC_GIFAnim.lha
HTMLview.mcc 13.1 19/11/2007
This is a personal compilation of HTMLview.mcc by Allan Odgaard, now on SorceForge. I made it to have a working stable one on MorphOS/MUI4 Freeware htmlview.lha
MiniMailer.mcc 22.0 21/1/2008
Quick email sender group (MorphOS and 68k) GPL MCC_MiniMailer.lha
SpeedBar.mcc 19.4 20/2/2005
MOS 19.4 20/2/2005
High configurable MUI button bar class Freeware MCC_SpeedBar.lha
TheBar.mcc 26.1 5/3/2008 Next generation MUI button bar class LGPL  
Urltext.mcc 19.7 28/2/2005
MOS 20.0 5/11/2007
MUI class for flashing urls Freeware MCC_Urltext.lha

amrss amrss MOS/MUI4 5.57 30/1/2008
amrss MOS/MUI4 Light 5.57 30/1/2008
amrss 68K 5.57 30/1/2008
amrss 68K Light 5.57 30/1/2008
RSS Amiga client Freeware amrss.lha
ascan 7.1 21/12/2005 Multi process fast TCP ports scanner 68k and MorphOS version Freeware ascan.lha
bos 1.5 Amiga "NoBo" Freeware bos.lha
CManager 34.2 11/6/2005
MOS 34.3 17/7/2005
Amiga Contact Manager Shareware CManager.lha
FreeDB 68k 13.8 18/1/2008
MOS 13.8 18/1/2008
Amiga freedb package Freeware freedbMOS.lha
GetIt 4.9 http downloader Freeware getit.lha
hserv 35.0 21/12/2005 http server Freeware hserv.lha
MUI Miami Panel 12.8 29/6/2005
MOS 12.8 29/6/2005
MUI MiamiDx panel PD muipanel.lha
MUI NList Miami Panel 12.3 MUI NList MiamiDx panel Freeware muipanel.lha
OpenURL 7.4 8/1/2008
MOS 7.4 8/1/2008
Easy way to reach URLs PD OpenURL.lha
QueSO 8.0 Find out what OS a host runs LGPL queso.lha
Sniffy 3.32 The Internet body guard Shareware sniffy.lha
strangé 0.23 8/3/2008 FFR PescePalla
0.23 68K 8/3/2008 FFR PescePalla
strangé is strange MPL2 strange.lha strange68K.lha

MrMazinga MOS 0.8 23/12/2005
68k 0.8 23/12/2005
The bananas killer FreeWare MrMazinga.lha
blanky 1.9 20/7/2005 MorphOS DPMS blanker cx PD blanky.lha
codesets.library 5.3 18/5/2005 Codesets Amiga library LGPL codesets.lha
expat.library 4.2 27/10/2007 Amiga port of Expat 2.0.1 (68k and MOS) LGPL expat.lha
ling 1.5 17/6/2005
1.7 5/3/2008 MOS/MUI4
MorphOS Passwords Manager PD ling.lha
lola 1.2 20/7/2005 MorphOS quick EMailer commodity PD lola.lha
mfkey 1.10 2/1/2008 fkey for MorphOS (mm keys support) PD mfkey.lha
pcre.library MOS 0.2 5/3/2005 Perl regular expression library with ARexx support LGPL pcre.lha


Various utilities PD



Nota Bene:

If you think the above conditions are not legal, it is your opinion and I just don't care. It only means that my software is not licensed at all and so you can't use it neither own.