Copyright 2001-2008 by Alfonso Ranieri
FreeDB is a complete package to use the freedb system on Amiga.

FreeDB consists of:

  • freedb.library - a GUI independent complete freedb interface
  • External GUI engines - GUIs dependend libraries

From version 10.0, FreeDB implements freedb protocol version 6 (UTF-8 strings).

FreeDB is released under the terms of the LGPL version 2 or higher.

For information about freedb go to
For information about Amiga FreeDB package writes to Alfonso Ranieri


Name Version Size Description Status
freedb68K.lha FreeDB 13.8 559k FreeDB package for Amiga classic (suggested download) LGPL
freedbMOS.lha FreeDB 13.8 533K FreeDB package for MorphOS LGPL
freedb_sdk.lha FreeDB SDK 13.2 139k FreeDB Software Development Kit LGPL
freedbs.lha FreeDB sources 13.7 338k FreeDB Software Development Kit LGPL