Images in Lists

RxMUI is capable to insert images in List and NList objects.

Here the term image refers to image objects rendered in a list or a NList object.

A List object is capable to render:

  1. Bitmap objects
  2. Picture objects
  3. DTPic objects
  4. Icon objects

A NList object is capable to render:

  1. Picture objects
  2. DTPic objects
  3. Gfxpic objects
  4. Icon objects
  5. Lamp objects

Note that the best results are obtained with Picture and Bitmap objects, because of they permit to set the Transparent attribute.

Images must be specified in the Image.x attribute at list creation time:


Note that if the image object doesn't exist, it is created on-the-fly.

If the object is created on-the-fly, no error is reported on failure: if an image is not available, just nothing is rendered.

The objects created are property of the list object and can't be removed or disposed. Even if it is possible, no attributes set and no method invocation should be done on them.

Images created as described above are rendered in the list as:

    l.0="[Image im0] bla bla bla"


    call DoMethod("l","Insert","[Image im0] bla bla bla","bottom")

An image is specified with a substring in a list entry: [Image ImageObjectName]

If ImageObjectName doesn't exist nothing is rendered.

Note that a very simple way to insert images in a list is to use the MUI text engine facility, e.g.: