Attributes define the properties of an object.

Any class defines its own attributes.


The class of an attribute defines in which context it can be used:

Class Description
I The attribute can be used at object creation time (Init)
S The attribute can be Set
G The attribute can be read (Got)
N The attribute is Notified by the object

An attribute may be in more than a class, e.g. Activate attribute of Window class is ISGN: it can be used at Init-time, set, read and it is notified by RxMUI.


The type of an attribute defines its format:

Type Description
S The attribute is a String
N The attribute is a Number
M The attribute is Mixed : it can be set as a string or a number
B The attribute is a Boolean (it is N too)
C The attribute is a Char (a S with len 1)


Other properties are:

Property Description
CND Needed in a Class (e.g. Contents attribute of Window class is Needed at Init time and so it is IND)
G2N The attribute is Mixed but when it is read or notified, it becomes a Number (e.g. Active attribute of List class may be specified at Init or Set time as a string or a number - it is Mixed - but when it is read or notified it is always a number, so it is a G2N)