amod (by Alfonso [alfie] Ranieri)


amod is a Netgear DGN2200V4 Annex A firmware mod; among others, it includes:

  • ADSL configuration page with 5 ADSL firmwares, SNR delta, ADSL options
  • telnet, dropbear, print server, WOL, WOL from WAN, transmission, minidlna
  • totally user configurable dnsmasq
  • pppoe-relay
  • Complete time zone configurazion, with user defined ntp servers
  • WPS removed
  • Netgear bloat stuff removed
  • WiFi Extra page with tx power and wlctl options

amod is based on the last DGN2200V4 Annex A Netgear official firmware 1.0.108 and it is created using the open source image stuff by Netgear. It means you can modify amod in the same way amod was written modifying the original Netgear firmware.

Note: to set up amod, go to http://router_address:8082

amod is developed by Alfonso Ranieri. The part he wrote is distributed under the terms of the GPL II. The rest of the firmware is copyright by Netgear and it is distributed under its terms.

amod for the DGND4000 is here.

You can find amod for the Netgear DGN3500 here.

The version for the Netgear DGN2200V3 is here.

The ufficial HWUpgrade Forum amod thread is located here (if you don't speak italian, feel free to write in english there).

Now the usual but very important part: amod is distributed without any warranty. Please read twice: you install it in your router at your own risk. It might destroy your hardware, your data and it might suggest your partner to leave you. It is your own choice. Neither Alfonso Ranieri, neither any other part involved may be considered responsible for any damage caused by improper but also proper usage of amod. Understood? Great! You can now download it. Otherwise, bye bye.

Name Version
amod 4.0.1 Simone (6/4/19) 4.0.1
Flash guide 1
changelog 4.0.1
amod creator 2
target 3.1.0
some amod utilities sources GPL2ed if no specified otherwise none
Special modfs for DGN3500, DGN2200V1/V3/V4 with amod 0.3 beta
Easy-rsa package 2.0
(Nothing to do with amod) Netgear new firmwares telnet enabler 0.0.4

amod (amod DGND4000, DGN3500, DGN2200V3/4) donations grand total: euro 400 . I am going to have a very large pizza.